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About Albert Funny Farm

I am a county certified daycare provider.  I am first-aid and CPR certified.

In my daycare, I provide a safe environment to prevent and reduce injuries.  I ensure that the outdoor play equipment is safe for children and is in good safe condition.  The fire extinguisher is always available.  The smoke detectors are always checked to make sure they are operating.  I practice: "Stop, Drop, and Roll."  I teach the children safety rules and help them to understand the reasons for each rule.

I am in the USDA food program.  I serve healthy meals and snacks.  We all wash our hands before and after handling food.  The children help me prepare the food.  I clean play areas daily.  I clean all the toys and objects used by the children.  I provide opportunities for children to learn about health care by reading books to the children.

I always encourage matching and counting games.  I have paper, crayons, finger paint, etc.  I demonstrate an understanding of the importance of creativity and dramatic play in the early childhood setting.  We have different games that we play such as "Hide and Go Seek", "Duck, Duck, Goose", and "Ring Around the Rosie."  I provide activities such as: play doh, building blocks, and activity books.
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